September 26, 2019

TO: BC Hockey Minor Hockey Associations

FROM: Barry Petrachenko, Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: ePACT Notification

Please note the following important update with respect to our partner, ePACT.

An invite email that was sent out yesterday afternoon to BC Hockey participants and has caused some concern. We apologize to those affected associations, as the information contained in the following memo to our member Minor Hockey Associations (MHAs) was intended to be distributed prior to the ePACT invites being sent.

This will confirm that the use of ePACT is not mandatory for member associations. Players/families can chose to opt-out of using ePACT by following this link and downloading the standard paper forms. This link was also provided in the email sent yesterday.

If your association chooses to decline to register with ePACT for this upcoming season and would rather not receive further communication on this product, please contact Alexandra Bill, abill@bchockey.net, to have your whole association removed from the mailing list.

For associations that do not opt out from using ePACT, invites will continue to be sent out to participants as teams are rostered on the HCR. All members will still have the option to complete the sign up or opt-out and print off paper forms. Please note that all families data utilized by ePACT is secure and families maintain control over any sharing of this information.

If your association chooses to opt out, any participants who already signed up for ePACT will receive a follow up notice from ePACT to let them know and to provide them with the option to use the system to securely store their information online. In such cases, ePACT will provide them with instructions as to the printing of the form to submit to your coaches/managers.

As a final note, ePACT records are 100% owned by families. Once an invite is accepted and an account created, families own all data in their record and control who they share it with. ePACT is unable to delete any family accounts that have already been created, although families are able to delete their own data or accounts through their account settings.

We apologize for the timing of these notices. If you have any questions on the above please contact info@bchockey.net.