Fernie Minor Hockey Return to Play Plan – October 2020

Click the following link for a printable copy of the plan: Fernie Minor Hockey Return to Play Plan

Fernie Memorial Arena
The purpose of this document is to establish a return to play safety plan for Fernie Minor Hockey participants in conjunction with the guidelines set by BC Hockey and the City of Fernie.
This document will be updated as required to ensure compliance with changing guidelines as set by BC hockey and/or the City of Fernie
Individual meetings will be held prior to the beginning of the season with each division of FMH, where parents will have an opportunity to further understand the information in this document.
Inquiries about this document can be directed to:
Mike De Marchi
Safety Officer – Fernie Minor Hockey

General User Expectations
• It is expected that all participants and accompanying visitors/volunteers will abide by physical distancing requirements. All persons will maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance.
• Proper hand hygiene practices will be established by all participant groups.
• Any persons who show signs of illness will not be permitted to enter the Fernie Memorial Arena.
• Masks must be worn in the facility at all times.
• Failure to comply to the guidelines in this document will not be tolerated. Any non-compliance will result in persons being asked to leave facility immediately and a review of infraction will be conducted.

General Guidelines
• Occupancy limits have been established for all spaces in facility, they are as follows:
a. Entry/Exit Staging Area A (Lobby) – 25
b. Entry/Exit Staging Area B (DR 5 & 6) – 25 (12-13 per staging area)
c. Ice Surface – 25
d. Spectator Stands – One parent per child to a max of 18
e. Players Benches and Penalty Boxes – 0
f. Annex Room – 0
• An ambassador from each group must be designated for each ice time to ensure the FMH safety plan and facility requirements are being followed.
• The ambassador will be responsible for verifying that individuals entering arena have completed screening question and be available for contact to let in late participants.
• The ambassador must be at the entry door 15 min prior to ice times to ensure the door is opened for the arriving group.
• Entry to the building will not be permitted unless the group ambassador is stationed at the door. If the door is open but unmanned participants must wait for the ambassador to arrive before entering to ensure proper screening has been completed.
• The ambassador will be the point of contact between the group and facility staff.
• Facility access will be through designated entry and exit points (see attached facility map). Entrances/exits will have floor markings and signage to encourage physical distancing and control access to facility
• Access will be limited to participants only.
• Completion of the Fernie Minor Hockey waiver will be mandatory for all participants.
• Spectators will not be permitted at the U-11 division and up. One accompanying adult will be allowed at the U-7 and U-9 divisions, siblings will not be permitted at this time.
• Spectator seating will be provided with clear marking of proper distancing (2 metres)
• Loitering in hallways, lobby areas and parking lot will not be permitted.
• Designated washrooms will be available for use. One occupant at a time would be best practice when possible.
• Participants must bring a prefilled water bottle as use of water fountains are not permitted at this time

Entering the Arena
• All participants may enter the building no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their ice time.
• All participants and accompanying adults must use the Teamsnap app to indicate attendance and utilize the COVID-19 screening questions in the app before entering the facility.
• All participants will enter through entrance A or B as designated by the user group schedule.
• Participants will be required to sanitize their hands with provided hand sanitizing station when entering facility.
• All participants will come to facility in full equipment where possible.
• Participants will be responsible for providing their own jerseys for practices.
• Seating will be arranged in compliance with proper distancing and can be utilized once participants have entered through designated entry point.
• Shoes and equipment bags can be left at the assigned seat for duration of ice time. It is recommended that full equipment bags not be used where possible to save space and avoid contact with others.

Entering the Ice/On-Ice Procedure
• Participants will remain in their designated seat until a coach notifies them that they can proceed to the ice surface. At this time they may remove their mask to put on their helmet.
• Congregating in the hallway or the rink entrance door will not be permitted. Proper distancing must be maintained in line while entering the ice surface.
• The maximum ice surface occupancy is 25 participants including coaches.
• Drills/practice plans must maintain physical distancing and be in adherence to provincial guidelines.
• Water bottles will be placed on top of boards at players bench leaving adequate room for proper distancing.
• Spitting will not be tolerated anywhere in the facility including the ice surface.

Exiting the Ice/Building
• Participants must exit ice surface to their designated area promptly after their ice session. Physical distancing must be maintained while exiting the ice surface.
• Participants will exit the building though the same designated exit door (A or B) within 10 minutes of the end of their ice time to allow for other user group to use the space.
• Participants will be required to sanitize their hands before exiting the building.
• All equipment must be taken out of staging area. Entrance back into the facility will not be permitted once they have exited. Ambassador should verify that all equipment has been removed before exiting the staging area.

Equipment Use
• FMH equipment room can be accessed from both staging areas A and B to utilize FMH training tools. Access to the equipment room can be gained through the ice surface only. Travel through the walkways in the arena will not be permitted
• Only one coach will have access to the FMH equipment room per ice time, access will be from the ice surface access gate only.
• Edge Boss equipment will be available for use this season. Used equipment must be sterilized after each use with the provided sanitizer in the equipment room.
• All teams will be given a bucket of 40 pucks and cones for them to take home. Storage of these items will not be permitted in the FMH equipment room.

Emergency Response Plan
In the event of a participant showing symptoms of sickness while in the facility, the following steps will be taken:
• The participant will stay with the appointed group ambassador and will be separated from the public and employees.
• The participant will immediately wash/sanitize their hands.
• The participant will be given a mask and gloves (supplied in your teams response kit) that will be worn until arrangements can be made to return to home and he/she has exited the building.
• The ambassador will log the persons involved, time of incident, movements within facility, and potential persons of contact. A logbook will be located in the equipment room. At this time the ambassador will advise the participant to contact 811 for further diagnosis.
• The ambassador will notify facility employee of incident so that proper facility protocols can be followed ie. Closure and disinfection of potential contact areas.
• If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, all families will be notified if they have been found to be in contact with that individual by FMH and/or the group ambassador.