Game Day Safety Plan

Click here to download a printable copy of the procedures and contact tracing form.

Fernie Minor Hockey Game Day Procedures 2020/2021

November 25, 2020

1. Covid‐19 Screening ‐ Visiting team must provide contact information of ALL screened participants including support staff prior to entering the arena. Full name, phone number and/or email address are required. Prior to entering the arena, each team must be screened by their own team’s COVID ambassador and answer the applicable questions if required. FMH game day contact tracing form can be filled out in advance to expedite this process for those players and team staff that are expected to attend the ice time. Late additions to the roster can be added to their information on game day. Contact tracing records will be held by the home team for a minimum of 30 days.

2. Occupancy ‐ A maximum group size of no more than 68 (full participants plus essential event personnel) is permitted. Arena Staff are not included in this total number.
The following are considered essential participants:
• 17 skaters + 2 goalies — maximum per team
• Head Coach (Max 1)
• Assistant Coaches (Max 3)
• COVID Ambassador (Max 1)
• HCSP/Trainer (Max 1)
• Manager (Max 1)
• 1‐2 referee(s), 1‐2 linesperson(s)
• Time/Score Keepers (Max 2)
• Videographer (Max 1 per team)

All non‐players and their respective roles must be recorded on the contact tracing form
along with contact info for each game.

All Players, Team Officials, On‐Ice Officials, and Support staff must wear a face covering at all
times within the facility until entry into the field of play.

Referees will use the designated changing room located in Staging Area A.

Support Staff must remain in the designated areas within the facility, except:
• Coaches and Hockey Canada Safety Person (HCSP) will be
permitted on the benches.
• Penalty Box attendants, Time/Score Keepers will be permitted in the penalty
box area.

3. Spectators ‐ Are not permitted in the Fernie Memorial Arena at this time

4. Arena Access ‐ Both home and visiting teams are to enter the arena no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the game unless otherwise advised by individual team managers. Access to Staging Areas A & B will be determined prior to game day. Staging area access will be controlled by the team’s COVID ambassador once the entry door has been opened by arena staff. No players that have failed the COVID screening process will be permitted in the facility.

5. Masks ‐ Will remain mandatory for all team personnel and volunteers at all times while in the
facility. Players may remove masks when they are leaving the staging area to start the game and masks must be worn again immediately following the game.

6. Leaving the arena ‐ Teams must exit the arena within 10 minutes of their game ending through their designated entry/exit. Please follow attached arena flow charts

7. Showers – Are not currently available

8. COVID Ambassador – Each team will supply a COVID Ambassador who will be responsible for conducting the screening protocol for their teams prior to entry into the building. They are also responsible for ensuring that the FMH Safety Plan and facility guidelines are followed. The COVID ambassador will answer any questions on proper entry/exit points and volunteer staging areas in the facility (Fernie Memorial Arena map attached below).

9. Additional Facility Information:
• Sanitization stations with hand sanitizer will be provided at each staging area. Players should have their own sanitizer for individual use when necessary.
• Staging area washroom usage will be permitted but will be restricted to only 2 people per washroom at a time.
• No outside food or drink can be brought into the facility at this time.

10. Additional Safety Rules:
• NO SPITTING (including water from water bottles) anywhere inside of the facility including on the ice surface.
• No sharing or filling of water bottles in the facility
• There will be no dryland training space provided in the facilities and self led off ice warmups must be done outside.
• Players must remain in their assigned staging area seating until directed to enter the field of play.
• Any player that feels sick or unwell MUST stay home