All volunteers must have a completed Criminal Record Check (CRC) / Vulnerable Persons Check (VPC) on file with FMHA before stepping on the ice or bench.  They can take 4 to 6 weeks to process so start now for the Sept 01 deadline.

CRC’s are not automatically shared between organizations, so if you did one for another organization you still need to do one for FMHA.  They are valid for up to 3 hockey seasons and expire on July 31st.

Click on the following link to the BC Justice Institute to complete your CRC electronically.  Please use this method rather than going to a local police station as it it much more time efficient and better for record keeping.  Most police stations are no longer doing CRC’s for volunteer positions.  If the system is unable to identify you electronically it will prompt you to follow the instructions and complete and print the application form.  If this happens you will then need to contact Lisa Samycia, FMH President at   to have your photo id verified and the application submitted.

If you have a current valid CRC done with the Justice Institute for another organization, you may choose the “share my results” option during the initial step of the application process, rather than starting from scratch.

Online link:


Once your CRC application is submitted, send your Session ID / confirmation # to along with your full name and Date of Birth so that we know your application is in process.  You cannot volunteer for FMHA without proof of this.

If you have any questions or are unsure if your past CRC is still valid, please contact Lisa Samycia at  or 250-423-1054.