In order to have sufficient number of players to form "rep" teams and allow players to play at the most appropriate level for their skill base, FMH has an agreement with Elk Valley Minor Hockey to combine to offer “Elk Valley Raiders” rep teams.  This is solely for divisions U13 and U15.  These teams compete in the EK U13A and U15A leagues and likely in the WK Rep leagues, as well as travel to multiple tournaments.  The number of teams formed at each age division is dependent on number of players registered each year.





At U13, our goal is to be able to provide a non-carded U13
Rec" team in each association to play in the B/C division of the EK League, and a combined carded "Rep" team (“EV Raiders”) to play in the A division of the EK League.

In the situation where there are insufficient players total between the two associations to form three teams total, then both the carded "Rep" and non-carded "REC" teams will be formed jointly between the two associations in order to allow all players to play at the most appropriate level for their skill base.  Joint teams rotate practices between Fernie, Sparwood and Elkford.

At U15, all teams are jointly formed between Fernie and Elk Valley associations.  If interest is sufficient, the priority is to form a combined “EV Raiders” team that would be a carded (body checking) team to play in the standard T4 EK League. If there are sufficient players to form an additional "REC" team with non-body checking play this will be considered. However, the availability of a non-body checking league is variable from year to year. It may be necessary to form a combined U15/U18 team at the REC level in order to offer the most players an opportunity to play.

At U18, history predicts that low registration numbers make it challenging for us to form teams of any kind. We encourage early registration of all U18 players to help us in our planning. Every effort is made to accommodate all U15 and U18 players, but this may require formation of a combined U15/18 Rec team. If FMH and EVMH do not have sufficient player numbers to form a U18 team, players may make arrangements to register in Cranbrook or other EK associations as available.

All combined teams rotate practices weekly between Fernie, Sparwood and Elkford. Each association will act as the host association for one of the Raiders teams, TBD after teams are formed.

Decisions on feasibility of team formation and need for tryouts at U13 and older will be made based on both FMH and EVMH spring early registration numbers.

After June 15th, every effort will be made to accommodate additional players however decisions on number of teams will already have been made by this time in order to meet ice scheduling deadlines.

The combined "Rep" Raiders teams are formed through a tryout process at the start of the season. Players must register for that tryout separately (info will be provided by early August to all players registered in U13 and older divisions to allow them the opportunity to register for tryouts if desired).

Any player wishing to try out for a higher level of play than offered here, must still register in their home association first and then also register to attend tryouts with T1 followed by T2/3 options.  Players unsuccessful at those higher levels, must return to their home association to play.

-EK Avalanche Zone Program  via  for U15 and U18 Tier 1 AA EK Avalanche

-and Cranbrook Minor Hockey for U13 T1 AA EK Avalanche and U15 and U18 T2/3 Cranbrook Bucks

**Anyone wanting to play rep hockey in an association outside of their own must first register with their home association.**

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